Church Notes 7/6


Fellowship Monrovia 7/6/14

Anatomy of a Fool
1. A fool does not listen. (Proverbs)
2. A fool does not tell himself no. (Ecc 2)
3. A fool a fool says in his *heart* there is no God (Psalm 14)

A GOOD thing can become a BAD thing if it becomes an ULTIMATE thing.

-when your pursue the longings of your flesh, you say in your heart there is no God!
-it doesn’t matter what your mouth is saying, in your heart you say there is no God.
-listen not to understand, but for compassion. Not to understand, but to give that other person attention.
-a fool only worries about getting his point across, he cannot be corrected.
-a fool bows down to his urges and is led by his urges rather than the Holy Spirit

****Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then the surrendering of my heart is the end of my foolishness.


I trust you…


I trust you...

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, & lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, & He shall direct your paths.

Poet of The Week on Glorious Proverbs


I was featured on my friends blog as Poet of the Week! Beyond blessed and that really encouraged me this morning to keep on pushing! Just 6 months ago, my poetry was off limits to everyone. And now God is using it to bless people I could have never touched!! He’s just amazing like that! Her blog link is
I spent some time on her blog this morning just loving all the revelation she had to give! Magnificent!