Sunday Notes: January 26th


Fellowship Monrovia

“We only come to God when our foundations are shaken only to realize God is shaking them.”

“There is nothing you can do that make God stop sharing his “steadfast love”.. Psalms 133.. Imagine if someone came to you and told you everything your spouse has done, will do, and is doing right now in order to break your heart, would you still say I DO?
God still says I DO knowing what we are doing, will do, and have done! “


Sunday Notes: March 9th


First Church Of God, Center of Hope

“God has to shift some things & change some things before He reveals His entire promise to you because if He gives it when you want it, you might not be ready! You might turn what should be a blessing into something that turns out bad because you’re not ready for it! He needs to take you through some stuff so that what He has for you remains a blessing!”

“You are trying so hard to carry all of your burdens, but GOD NEVER DESIGNED YOU TO BE ENOUGH. He designed you to be dependent on Him.”

Sin Management < Grace


Both produce the same product, but the heart of each is different.
Sin management = less sin, little to no sin, legalistic thinking, no change of heart, the belief that you are saved through works, condemnation, shame
Grace = liberty, life without sin, conviction, lifestyle change, heart change, spiritual growth, spiritual maturity

God loves us so much, He will tell us when we are going down the wrong path. Many people think that grace gives us a pass to sin, but it doesn’t.

Reading “Hyper-Grace” by Michael L Brown. Love it! Learning so much about the Grace message that many are teaching nowadays.