We serve a RIGHT NOW God


Heaven is not the goal! Bring Heaven down to Earth! Many Christians believe that we are required to suffer and struggle through this life, and don’t worry because you’ll finally have peace and happiness in Heaven. Not true! You can have peace, happiness, and God’s will for your life NOW. Adapt this new attitude this week, & claim what’s yours NOW! There are seasons when God has us to wait and strengthens our patience and endurance through tests and trials but as mighty as a God we serve, believe that He has set a mighty path before you to enjoy, conquer, & be fulfilled NOW!


Love.. So many people use your name in vain..


This is the requirement and foundation for any relationship that I will engage in. I don’t care if it looks good, feels good, sounds good, or other people feel that it’s good for me.. If it’s not w God, it’s NOT good.
I don’t need “love” per-say, I need “forever love” when I choose to share my mind, soul, body, spirit, beliefs, values, opinions, family, goals, & dreams w a man. And the only forever love this world is capable of, is through the Heavenly Father 🙏✨💛