Church Notes 7/6


Fellowship Monrovia 7/6/14

Anatomy of a Fool
1. A fool does not listen. (Proverbs)
2. A fool does not tell himself no. (Ecc 2)
3. A fool a fool says in his *heart* there is no God (Psalm 14)

A GOOD thing can become a BAD thing if it becomes an ULTIMATE thing.

-when your pursue the longings of your flesh, you say in your heart there is no God!
-it doesn’t matter what your mouth is saying, in your heart you say there is no God.
-listen not to understand, but for compassion. Not to understand, but to give that other person attention.
-a fool only worries about getting his point across, he cannot be corrected.
-a fool bows down to his urges and is led by his urges rather than the Holy Spirit

****Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then the surrendering of my heart is the end of my foolishness.




walking the Christian walk isn’t all about “what God can do for me”. Why don’t we boast about how we loved someone so hard that it made us feel uncomfortable. or when God dared to challenge us & push outside of our comfort zone in order to save someone else. where we went the extra mile to pray for someone who we didn’t even know. or the work that is required of us in the Kingdom where we gain NOTHING. yes this is a blessed life, but glitz and glamour is not the prize, & it never was.

Just like You.


Just like you, I am human too.
I grow tired, I give in to anger & abuse.
I have made mistakes that you wouldn’t believe, & I have denied love to the least of these.
When I lay in my bed at night, I think of the statement “I’m sorry I can’t help” that I blurted out of habit to the person humble enough to beg on the side. I think of how I let my disappointment consume my entire 24 hours when in 24 hours thousands have died.
And although I spend some nights watching pointless tv, these thoughts are what keeps me awake until the morning.
How can I love more?
What more can I give?
Teach me to think of myself less while I learn to surrender more of my inner best.
By no means am I an idol, an aspiration, or icon, so anything that is exceptionally more or exceedingly above what is human.. is because of my God†


More than Conquerors


what if God was to sit you down w a box like a box that toys come in. On the top of that box is a list of everything that He equipped you with. On that list are things that you’ve never seen in yourself, things that you think you are incapable of, & some things that just simply scare you to death. But here it is God, your Heavenly Father laying it all out for you, & then He looks at you when He’s done & says “Wow, do I have some great things in store for you”.

Even when you don’t see it in yourself, you are capable of loving like He loves. Even when you think you aren’t equipped to forgive that person, you are. Even when the environment you’ve been placed in scares you to death, God has given you the victory. Even when you think your dream that keeps you up late at night is beyond your imagination, God knows He has equipped you to accomplish it w a snap of a finger.

Don’t be afraid of the power that’s inside of you w Christ Jesus, but embrace it, claim it, move mountains, & accept the victory that is already yours! you’re more than a conqueror. 💕 have a great day!

Love.. So many people use your name in vain..


This is the requirement and foundation for any relationship that I will engage in. I don’t care if it looks good, feels good, sounds good, or other people feel that it’s good for me.. If it’s not w God, it’s NOT good.
I don’t need “love” per-say, I need “forever love” when I choose to share my mind, soul, body, spirit, beliefs, values, opinions, family, goals, & dreams w a man. And the only forever love this world is capable of, is through the Heavenly Father 🙏✨💛

Philippians 2:3-4


Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.