One Blog, One God

My name is Taylor Allen. I was born and raised in the church, so the idea of God and religion isn’t new to me. However, my RELATIONSHIP with God has just began. I feel as if I’m on a journey with God. He’s my bestfriend, my first love, my everything, my provider, etc. I need to stop because I can literally go on forever! I believe I am called to impact the youth and be a voice in my generation for those who may be afraid to speak up or for those that just need someone to speak something new! I don’t know everything, I am still learning, but I pray every day that God will lead me in the way that I should go.. so I have complete confidence in that! Enjoy my blog. If you have any questions, prayer requests, submits of your own work/”internet finds”, or just anything, feel free to email me at There will be no disclosure of identity nor personal and/or identifiable information unless requested. Otherwise EVERYTHING is anonymous. I will keep no record, BUT please be mindful of what you share/post. Please no vulgarity or potentially offensive comments or submits! I will pray for you as I proceed to delete them. A special thanks to ALL of my mentors, brothers, and sisters in Christ. Also my wonderful parents and family who constantly made sure I was brought up this way so that I may not depart from it. Your help was greatly appreciated, and thank you for joining me in this journey as we spread the good news. Thank you for your visit and I pray that you are blessed.


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