Just like You.


Just like you, I am human too.
I grow tired, I give in to anger & abuse.
I have made mistakes that you wouldn’t believe, & I have denied love to the least of these.
When I lay in my bed at night, I think of the statement “I’m sorry I can’t help” that I blurted out of habit to the person humble enough to beg on the side. I think of how I let my disappointment consume my entire 24 hours when in 24 hours thousands have died.
And although I spend some nights watching pointless tv, these thoughts are what keeps me awake until the morning.
How can I love more?
What more can I give?
Teach me to think of myself less while I learn to surrender more of my inner best.
By no means am I an idol, an aspiration, or icon, so anything that is exceptionally more or exceedingly above what is human.. is because of my God†



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