Son of God Movie Trailer


I’m so excited to see this movie! I’m very encouraged by the Christian worldview coming to cinemas and the entertainment industry. I’m a film production major so of course I appreciate any advancement for the kingdom! Bring a friend that you want to introduce the Greatest Story Ever Told to! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Son of God Movie Trailer

  1. Sadly, this movie is everything but Biblical. It is a distorted view of Jesus, filled with deliberate mistakes. Since when was Mary on the boat with the fishermen? Since when did Peter break the bread and said: “This is my body…”
    Please, this is NOT a Christian movie, despite what Oprah and others say. The fact that Oprah refers to this fake “Jesus” of the movie as “hot” should be reason enough for anyone to shun this nonsense.
    To reach people, they must HEAR the Word of God; someone must actually preach it. This “feel good” Hollywood distortion smacks of universalism, of mystical Roman Catholicism, of heresy.
    Share the Gospel with someone. THAT”s the way to do it.
    The bit where Jesus (in the Bible) says, “No one comes to he Father except through me,” is not in this New Age movie, but only the first part of the verse. In fact, this movie is NOT from the God of the Bible at all.
    Avoid . . . like the plague that it is.

    1. I appreciate your comment & your respect for biblical teaching. I haven’t yet seen it but I have heard some of the same criticisms that you just mentioned! I still plan to view it to come to my own discernment of the film as a whole, but I appreciate your comment! Be blessed

      1. Taylor, I did not mean to come across as being harsh on YOU; I apologize. You know, Jesus laid down His life for me (and for everyone who accepts His gift of salvation through faith in Him alone), that there is absolutely no way that I can allow anyone to try to undermine his deity and purpose by presenting a “hot” and “hippie” “Justin Bieber” “Jesus” to a dying, sinful world.
        Please, go watch the movie and measure it against God’s Word (as I have). It will fail, I promise.
        God’s blessings to you, Taylor.
        Canadian Guy

      2. No it’s totally fine I didn’t take it as harsh at all! I totally understand your view, I do like watching different views and analyzing them just in case someone asks me about it, another chance to minister! Lol thanks so much!

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