She Prays -Tujuana Winters


There’s so much I can say about this girl, but I will keep it brief. For the longest we would only share our poetry with each other, just because sometimes that was th eonly way to get our problems out. Our real life problems. It wasn’t about rhyming really well, or putting together something for others, it was just about getting that stuff off our chest. We couldn’t say it any other way than to write it in a poem. It was therapy. Needless to say, our friendship as blossomed into something even greater. To see both of us actually sharing our work with others makes me so proud. We’ve come such a long way. We keep getting better and better, our flow is different but our hearts are in the same place. Before both of us really committed to God wholeheartedly, we had an amazing friendship. But now, our friendship is invincible and abundant. We laugh, we cry, we read scriptures, we share revelations, we pour out our hearts, we create, we imagine, we inspire… but most importantly, we pray. I’m happy to share this poem from my very bestfriend Tujuana Winters. It’s titled, “She Prays”.

check out her Youtube channel for more of her work. love you babygirl!



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