Who ever said God needed u to clean up your mess?


Many people have this misconception that God needs you to “get your life together” before you could ever come to Him. That is completely opposite of what He expects. God wants you to look at your situation and say “Yes this is very messed up. I am so messed up without you God, but I know I serve a greater God that can turn this around if I surrender and believe”. It’s as easy as that, but we rather make things difficult. In order to fully understand my position, you must be knowledgable of the new covenant that we have with Jesus Christ. When Jesus died, he bore all of our sin on the cross. God turned away from His son & Jesus said “It is finished”. The perfect sacrifice. God doesn’t need you to be perfect; you could not bear everyone’s sin, die on a cross, & be the perfect sacrifice! God did this so we COULD have a way to Him. We are no longer under the covenant of the law, but for some reason we say that is what is holding us back from God. Even born-again Christians have adapted this mindset. “I have sinned & backslidden so much maybe I should just leave this Christian walk alone” or “God couldn’t possibly forgive me for everything I’ve done”. And that’s the thing. We try to limit a limitless God because we ourselves have limits! You can’t forgive, but don’t place that same trait on your God! One thing that hurts me the most is others CANT fathom the love that God has for them so they choose to run from it. Or they are not ready to give up their sin? That’s a completely different topic. But for those that think they need to get themselves “together” before they want to encounter or experience Christ, please completely ABANDON that idea. Jesus came so that you can have a direct way to the Father through Him. Grace. Repentance. Love. Change of Desires. Righteousness. These are the things that come to mind. In my recent VideoTalk of “we gotta get back to love” I mentioned that we don’t have to do “holiness” preaching if we let God do some of the work instead of ourselves. It actually hurts God when we DONT come to Him. God uses imperfect people all the time, just visit a church LOL but IN HIM we are perfected! Let God clean up your mess for you! Surrender and He will do the work in you!! His glory is shown in that He can take imperfect people, people that others have cast down & declared that they have NO future, but God comes along to breathe LIFE into their homes, families, careers, health, spirit, etc. Don’t try to do God any favors by running from Him, or saying you’ll get it together one day, because God is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of the days to come, so whether you get it together today or yesterday, you’ll still be facing the same God. And little do you know He was just waiting for the day when He could finally say “come to me my child” and you would finally accept Him, not the other way around.


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