This is an amazing blog! It is based solely around music, but not limited to music at all. This blog reaches all kinds of aspects of the Christian lifestyle. They have created a new & innovative way to tell the masses about Urban Worship. Not all Christians are stuck on tradition, some of us are out there trying raise up a new sound, a new generation, a new flow!They describe Urban Worship as “a unique style of Christian music that does not fit the tradition mold of gospel. With its youthful, energetic and edgy sound, Urban Worship deserves but is not given a platform in the mainstream radio world. Urban Worship pertains to and identifies itself with the youth and the city. The style of Urban Worship music has many creative variations. Some examples many include hip-hop with live bands, fused with rock or jazz, pop & r&b. The combination are endless. There are literally hundreds of professional quality songs and albums with this type of innovative music. However, mainstream radio stations seldom play Urban Worship because it has not garnered the support traditional gospel music has.” (I completely agree!!!) I love this type of Worship, although I still have my old school favorites. This blog shows provides so much more than music. It presents events, various radio shows, and even apps so you can experience wtuwonline.com wherever you are! I absolutely love this blog! I check up on it all the time to see what else it offers. I’m never disappointed! Get in tune with the culture of Urban Worship, check out wtuwonline.com.


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