Just to be Crystal Clear


It is DEFINITELY possible to be a youth today while being on fire for God, in love with your savior, sanctified-living, and SOULED out for Jesus! You CAN do it NOW! You don’t have to give up your dreams, your personal desires, or your qualities! If anything, God wants to enhance them so you can fully reach your greatest potential! We serve a God that can supply EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY. He wants to do things with your gifts and talents that you can’t even fathom! You will give up worldly things, you will give up the sinful nature, but what you get in return will be more than enough! God wants you to go above & beyond! God doesn’t expect you to have a good life, but a great life. He hasn’t planned for you to achieve all your dreams, but to exceed all your dreams. He hasn’t planned to take and take but to give, pour into, and restore! He doesn’t want you to die wondering where you are going, but He wants to PROMISE you a forever with Him.
Giving my life fully over to Christ is the BEST decision I have made to date. I don’t think anything can top it! I read in a book that “the only thing greater than giving your life to Christ is actually walking in the blessings that are promised to you”. So God doesn’t come to take away, but He comes to make new! To restore! To transform! Once you give God a chance I absolutely promise that He won’t let you down. I don’t know how I ever lived any differently than I do now. That’s just how much God has done in just a little time.

And I know He’s just getting started.

Please don’t be afraid or dwell on what you will lose by giving your life to Christ! You actually won’t lose anything worth having anyway! You will GAIN. And don’t be mistaken, it’s not all about gaining something, but it’s about giving your life a TRUE purpose. I know you may think you were put on the Earth to create a top-selling book, or break all the records in your sport, or become the first whatever-blah-blah-blah, but you we’re put on Earth to bring glory to the Heavenly Father. And that’s all. He equipped you with your gifts and talents so that He can be shown THROUGH you. Let Him use you!

When I finally surrendered to God, I didn’t say “God I’m all yours” (although I am all His), I said “God USE me however YOU want so glory can come to YOU, not me”.

When I first started this blog I just wanted to show people something different in the body of Christ.
You can be young. You can be vibrant. You can express yourself. You can utilize your talents. You can fulfill your greatest potential. You can have fun. You can change lives. You can lead by example… ALL WHILE SERVING GOD. Completely giving your life to Him. It’s more than possible.


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