Opinion of Preachers Of LA


Me & Deitrick Haddon a couple of months ago in LA at the Merge Summit Conference.

I have a conflicting view of this tv show, but for the most part I did enjoy it. I am very aware that the media can construe & misguide a truth which is why I’m remaining neutral on my opinion of the show. On one side I want to be happy that people get to see another view of Christianity & they get to see that we can live this life abundantly; on the other hand, I did feel that the gospel & the message of Christianity was kind of lost behind the boasting of fancy cars & homes (this may have been blown out of proportion in order to satisfy the worldly aspect). I hope that everyone keeps in mind that the primary purpose of this show is to produce views, even if that means that the Christian church experiences a ripple. I know it may be easy to judge & condemn these preachers, but I honestly see it as a small STEP. It’s a step up from Jersey Shore. It’s a step up from shows that “dance around” about being “of the faith”. Regardless of their personal lives and past mistakes, they are pastors of souls. Souls that need to be saved. Now do I agree w. everything that they do? No. But I am not God, I don’t know their relationship and neither can I measure it. I know this argument can go on forever, but I can say I look forward to viewing this season every Wednesday.

We gotta get back to love. Tomorrow. @7.


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