So Upset


After watching the video I posted earlier entitled John 3:16 -The Story Of Love, I went into prayer & this poem came to me. There are no pictures accompaning the poem because it was a very focused time with God as these words were put to paper. I cried over them, I’m so sensitive about what Jesus did.


2 thoughts on “So Upset

  1. God knew what his children would be like before they were created! He sacrificed his only son for our sins because he knew the day we were created that we would disobey him and his commandments! I believe that God is very upset with our actions but his love for us still remains the same! You feel me?

    1. yes I totally agree. He loves us even tho we do that to Him. That was the point of the poem.❤️ He loves us so much but we choose to ignore that sometimes

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