John 3:16


John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. amen!!!


8 thoughts on “John 3:16

  1. Romans 8:29, the bible speaks on predestination. Deuteronomy 30:19 speaks on free will. Two contradicting themes in the same book. If our life is predestined, then do we really make decions or are we puppets with a script already written for us? And would that be life? If you say the bible doesn’t doesn’t refer to predestination by God, then is he really omniscient? Would he even be worthy to be labeled a higher power and answer our prayers?

    1. I read the scriptures u referred to and this is how I interpreted them as a believer.. In Deut God is saying that He loves us so much that He actually gives us the choice if life and death. And it says “I want you to choose life”.. It the same way that a parent loves u, u have a choice but of course they want u to choose “life”. As far as the scipture in Romans, I think God planned for everyone to choose life. After all, this is the plan that will lead to prosperity, healthy living, and an abundant lifestyle WITH Him. And for those He has chosen, which I believe is everyone because anyone can inherit the kingdom of God, this is the plan He has made for us. But we have a choice, because of a greater love, to choose life or death. I’m sure there is a better answer, and once I consult one of my mentors I will definitely tell u what they have to say, bc they know more than me. But remember that this is a walk of faith, that is how u please God. And faith begins, where the question mark ends.

    2. Although God is sovereign, we are also sovereign meaning that we have a control of our own life. We have the choice to praise him, follow him, and God would rather us follow Him voluntarily because of that greater love. He’s willing to risk us choosing that latter option.. but his plan for us is definitely the way He wants us to go. (Jeremiah 29:11)

  2. “but we have a choice, becuase of greater love.” …so you agree with the idea of free will. Which doesn’t correlate with predestination. If the decions we make tommorow are still a question mark even to God, how does he still remain omniscient?

    1. When I say predestination I don’t mean “I know what you’re going to do tomorrow, I know what you’re going to do in the next 5 minutes”, I mean that God has a plan for His people and it’s simply to follow him. To live abundantly, to live with Heaven on Earth. To have a fulfilled life on Earth. That is what is destined for all of His children. But because of choices that we make, we fall short of His plan or we miss it completely. Do I think that God knows what each person is about and whether they will ever accept his plan? Yes I do because he knows all matters of the heart (Jer 17:9-10). But don’t u think that’s an amazing love? He sees our heart, and although u may never accept it, He is still willing to love. and offer grace, mercy, gave His own son, etc..


    You stated that we have free will and the power to think and chose whatever path we like and God allows us that option (without knowing)

    Then you stated that God knows our heart and knows the decions we’ll be making in the future about accepting or disregarding god.

    How can these two points be made in the same breath? How are we given a chance to make a decision if he already knows the answer. That means the future has to be known now.

    Idk, I’ll leave it alone. Seems like you’re stuck between two differnt interpretations on this subject. Thank you for your response, and I wish your blog the best. xx

    1. when we read scriptures, we must learn to read them in the correct context and we must also read verses before & after. when i read the scripture, that is what i interpreted from it as a believer. now if i remove that, it becomes even more simple. God said He has a plan He would like for u, but it’s your choice. God knows your heart, He knows where u r in your walk, it’s still your choice. However, I never said that he gives us the choice without knowing. So those 2 statements don’t contradict each other. Thank u for your comments tho, feel free to ask me anything else, and if I didn’t give u the answer u needed, please ask someone else or if u want to talk to someone over me, I can redirect u to them. You inspire me to look further into this to strengthen my argument but the things I’ve said already I’m sure of. Be blessed John! It’s Gods plan for u, even if u don’t choose it.

    2. also keep in mind that this is still an argument even today that goes on in the church & outside. I find it to be rather simple but it’s personal, therefore it can be made difficult. Will u choose to be loved or not, will u accept His plan, receive promises or not. I believe what I believe because of my own personal experience with God and no one can take that away from me. Others may not have had that encounter so maybe it’s not that simple to them. I understand & I respect it. I just pray that God will give them an experience where there is no longer a question. I know with faith comes vulnerability, some sort of surrender, and that can be scary but once They have an experience, there will be no fear.

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